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*If you are not an existing Isedas Studio client, you will need to book a free consultation before purchasing this treatment to ensure that you are suitable for this item and that your skincare routine will support the use of this item*


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Cystamine is a clinically studied active used to treat stubborn pigmentation such as melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation without the concerns of corticosteroids, retinoic-acid and hydroquinone.


The 3 Step System


Cyspera Intensive™


The Cysteamine Isobionic-Amide Complex™ delivers 3 powerful effects for improved pigment correction and skin health.

  • Cysteamine reduces melanin production in the melanogenesis pathway at multiple locations
  • Isobionic-Amide with AHA immediate reaction leads to instant pigment lightening in the corneal layer of the skin
  • AHA creates an acidic environment enhancing cysteamine permeability into the skin


Cyspera Neutralize™


AHA-Amino Acid Complex re-balances the epidermis before application of Cyspera Boost™.

  • L-Arginine Complex stops the Isobionic-Amide / AHA reaction
  • As a Mild-Surfactant, it gently removes lingering residue while helping soothe the skin and promoting a healthy skin barrier
  • The Lactobionic Acid prepares the skin for Cyspera Boost™ by balancing the skin’s pH


Cyspera Boost™


The Cyspera Isobionic-Amide Complex™ works synergistically with Cyspera Intensive™ to even skin tone, improve complexion and deliver a natural and healthy glow.

  • Cyspera Isobionic-Amide multiplies the efficacy of Cysteamine by further decreasing pigment formation on the skin
  • Retinol and an anti-oxidative complex provide visual pigment correction by speeding-up skin cell turnover
  • Cyspera Isobionic-Amide with Retinol provide an anti-inflammatory effect to the skin


77% of subjects noticed hyperpigmentation started to fade as early as four weeks and a smoother and more even skin tone


Short contact therapy is done every day for 16 weeks in the initial intensive treatment phase; the product is then used twice a week for maintenance.


Learn more about cyspera here

Cyspera Intensive Pigment Corrector System

  • You cannot use this treatment if any of the following apply:

    • Pregnancy
    • Lactation
    • If you’re planning to become pregnant
    • If someone in your immediate family has vitiligo
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